April 29, 2010

a change in blogging

After some grumbling from me on how long it was taking to update the blog and the requests for more frequent updates, we decided to switch back to blogger. You can see our blog from now on at http://ito3news.blogspot.com/

April 6, 2010

A few pics to "tide you over"

Sorry to be "absent" on the blog for a while. We enjoyed the Moser's visit very much and got tons done, but I don't feel quite "settled" yet. I love our new house, though. Once we get curtains hung, I'll get some pictures and post them. Here's a few pics of our dear little boy. He started taking solids about a week ago and seems to be doing pretty well with it--likes rice and spinach! Nights are gradually getting a bit better for Tomo-kun and me, but I am hoping for less night waking once he gets a bit more solids in him. He is sitting on his own pretty much now and his hands are busy grabbing everything and putting anything in his mouth--even his toes!

Here is a really old picture of him--before we moved. This bathrobe is from Annie Cozadd.


The following pics aren't in too good of order...sorry.

Here's the bench Lloyd made for our entryway. It will come in very handy with our foreign guests!





Taking his first bites!

Lloyd and Martha were professional "grandma and grandpa". I can tell they have 45? grandchildren! Lloyd taught Tomoki how to get into drawers and make lots of noise! "Now, get in there with both hands--that's it--make a lotta racket"..etc! Tomoki loved them!

We took the Kinsinger kids along with us to the flower and bird center. Here's James, Jesse, and Joy! We had a great time!



Here's Lloyd working on the fence for our house.

We had had several opportunities to see Mt. Fuji, but it was always cloudy...until the last day. We woke up to a beautiful day and quick took a drive to see it before we took the Moser's to the bus stop at noon. I don't think I've seen such a good view of Mt. Fuji for a long time! We were so thankful!

We bought a high chair for Tomo-kun. He thinks he's pretty big stuff in it.

Martha brought over the quilt that my mom had started for me and her dear friends finished for me. It fit very nicely! Almost made me cry to see it in our new home. Hoping to get curtains soon--am tired of cardboard boxes to block out a little light on the other side of the room!

How big is Tomo-kun?! So BIG!

It was funny to see Lloyd and Martha tackle the chopsticks--here's eating sushi with a spoon and chopsticks!


It was a beautiful day Tuesday, so we decided to get out and enjoy it. Went to the park nearby for a picnic under the cherry blossom trees!



Grandma Ito made this little cape and hat for Tomo-kun.

Update on Dad

Tests and scans in late March indicated that theoral drug has stopped
working and the cancer is spreading again. Dad went to Mexico for 6 days
of preconditioning treatment before starting another round of chemo in
Peoria. We are thankful that althougth there are new tumors elswhere,
there are no new brain tumors and he still has no symptoms. Thank you
again for your prayers. It has been humbling and encouraging for Dad to
meet several individuals lately and learn that they pray for him every

March 18, 2010

Moved, doing fine, and helpers are here!

Just to let you know that we got moved and have been very busy getting settled in. Hopefully will get pictures up soon. My aunt Martha and her husband Lloyd arrived safely yesterday and have rolled up their sleeves and are working already! They are amazed at all the different things here!

February 12, 2010

An update on Dad, Sapporo ice festival, and... of course, more pictures of Tomoki

Several people have asked about Dad's condition. We are thankful to report that since last May he has had 4 scans which show no new brain tumors. The oral drug he has been taking since September has been effective in bringing down the cancer marker and stopping the other tumors from growing. There was a blip up in the cancer marker recently, so the doctor has ordered a brain scan and PET scan before his next appointment in March. The doctor can still find no signs of cancer on physical examination. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Akihiro had a business trip up noth and took some pics of the festival there,


January 30, 2010

Tomo-san and Tomo-kun, etc

We had the whole immediate Ito family to our house for sukiyaki last Saturday night. A good time was had by all...

We went to visit Akihiro's grandpa, Tomokazu. The kanji for Tomo in Tomoki's name we chose in honor of him. I think you will agree with me though, that Tomoki is a bit easier for the American tongue to say than Tomokazu!

Our good Chinese friend, Li, had brought back some very warm looking clothes that his mother made. I couldn't decide which smile I liked better, so I put both in! His "flicker" smile is getting a bit longer now. He's quite the charmer--even this am at 3 am (groan--this growth spurt or 3 month thing or whatever it is that made night time waking times get more frequent!) But, how can you get angry with a cute grin like that?!!!

We reserved a moving truck for the first Saturday in March!!!! They started hanging wallpaper this week!


January 20, 2010


I forgot to say that we did Tomoki's 3 month exam last Saturday. He is at the top of the charts for height and slightly above average on weight.

6.6 kg. (14 pounds, 9 ounces)
64 cm (25.2 inches)

Home from America

Here are a few pictures from before we went to America.




Thanks for all the prayers for our trip home to the States. Tomoki did great! He got kinda tired of being held, so we padded both of our tray tables and then laid him on top and wrapped a blanket around him and the tray table (yes, I know, we restrained our child to the tray table!). He was happy as a clam and kicking all extremities until he fell fast asleep. He didn't cry hardly at all!

Here he meets some of his cousins!


Our family Christmas...




Since we've come home, he's really taken a liking to the lazy boy! He is his father's son, I guess! The day after we came home Akihiro and I came down with some sort of bug--I'll spare the details, but just say it wasn't pleasant. Thankfully Tomoki didn't get it and Akihiro's mom came and took care of us for 2 days. We are finally on the mend and getting adjusted back to this time zone!



Here are some pictures of our house! They say it should be done by Feb 20th....we'll see!


November 28, 2009

1.5 months

Tomoki is growing big fast! At his one month check up he was 5 cm taller and his head and chest circumference were each 3 cm bigger! No wonder he is growing out of his clothes and we have to keep adjusting his car seat! He is quite strong, but I am afraid he got my poor coordination skills--he punches himself in the face and then cries! (I am hoping that he grows out of this :) ) I put him in a sling today and walked to the little grocery store nearby and then walked home on the river walk. Many of those who had curiously eyed my big belly before were not so shy anymore and came up to see him. He is really "talking" up a storm and of course we think he is terribly advanced :). He sure has figured out that he likes to poop in a brand new diaper anyway! We are planning to come home December 21st through January 6th and are looking forward to seeing many of you then!

We had a supper with all of Akihiro's family. Here is four generations of Itos.

And four generations of Kimuras.

He was pretty popular with the girls



He looked like a little Japanese priest in this little outfit!

This smile melts my heart! Grandma Ito made this cute little vest and also some mittens--he's got his mother's cold hands!

November 17, 2009

Dad's visit

Dad arrived safely here and has been thoroughly charmed by Tomoki! Dad has been a great help too--he changed diapers, washed dishes, rocked Tomoki, and even did a little packing for me! He and Akihiro left Monday for the Phillippines. Akihiro's mom is staying with me while he is gone. Tomoki continues to change every day and is charming us all. He had a busy last two weekends with lots of time in the car and lots of time being held by his many admirers, but it seems that he is a social butterfly and rises to each occasion valiantly! Here's a few pics...

Here he is with Grandma Ito.

He likes to read the newspaper with daddy..

Here's his cute little smile. The picture is about a week old.



I had mentioned I would post pictures of the hos
pital food...it was delicious! It's a good thing I like Japanese food!